Univac SRL: SV30-37-45C/AV Mobile Unit

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High-Quality Mobile Unit

SV30-37-45C/AV Mobile Unit

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Univac SRL: SV30-37-45C/AV Mobile Unit
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Univac SRL: SV30-37-45C/AV Mobile Unit

Industrial vacuum cleaner suitable for heavy purpose with integrated container and transportable by fork lift  (with a minimum load 3 Ton) or overhead travelling crane. The lower removable container has the capacity of  800lt. and it can be easily empted trough a tilting door located on the bottom part of the unit, this tilting door is automatically closed when the unit is lowed to the ground. The machine is equipped by appropriate safety systems that prevent the opening of the container while the machine is working, moving or in service.
The air filtering system is composed by a polyester felt filtering sleeves with internal spring, safety polyester cartridge to protect the pump,  metal safety cooling pump cartridge(AV models only), automatic and timer system for the filter sleeves cleaning by count current. The air for the cleaning system is supply by a compressor installed on board.
In the lower container, there is a level gauge, that stops the machine when the container is full.
The machines are supplied to operate with electrical voltage V 400, three-phase, different electrical voltage will be suggest in the request and they will quote separately.
This kind of vacuum unit may be certified according to ATEX Z22 norms.


Electrical Engine kW – Hp                  30 – 40                  37 – 50                  45 – 60

Dimension mm                        1500x1600x3500       1500x1600x3500    1500x1600x3500

Weight Kg                                        2150                       2200                       2250

Max. Depression                      mm/H2O 5000           mm/H2O 5000         mm/H2O 5000

Max Air Flow                            m³/h 1900                  m³/h 2050             m³/h 2460

Primary Filter                           m² 16                         m² 16                    m² 16

Safety Filter                             m² 10                         m²10                     m² 10 

Tank Capacity                           m³ 0,8                        m³ 0,8                   m³ 0,8


Electrical Engine kW – Hp                     30 – 40                  37 – 50                             45 – 60

Dimension mm                            1500x1600x3500      1500x1600x3500             1500x1600x3500

Weight Kg                                           2350                      2350                                   2350

Max. Depression                             mm/H2O 7000       mm/H2O 7000                  mm/H2O 7000

Max Air Flow                                  m³/h 1500              m³/h 1850                          m³/h 2160

Primary Filter                                 m² 16                     m² 16                                   m² 16

Safety Filter                                   m² 10                     m²10                                    m² 10

Tank Capacity                                 m³ 0,8                    m³ 0,8                                 37 – 50

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