Univac SRL: SC 45-55 E AV4-6-9AR.C Mobile electric suction unit

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High-Quality Mobile electric suction unit

SC 45-55 E AV4-6-9AR.C Mobile electric suction unit

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Univac SRL: SC 45-55 E AV4-6-9AR.C Mobile electric suction unit

Mobile electric suction unit installed on towable trailer. The vacuum cleaner is made extractor is composed of two separate parts: the central vacuum and the dust storage container with an integrated filter compartment.
The suction unit is composed of a lobe pump with input and output safety filters, an electric motor and an electric control panel. The storage tank with capacities from 4 to 9 m3 It integrates the filter unit with an automatic counter-current cleaning system for the bag filters, a separator cyclone placed at the inlet and a dust level control probe that stops the machine when the maximum material level is reached. The container is unloaded by tilting, by means of a hydraulic cylinder located in the lower part and controlled by a control unit and a hydraulic circuit
The cleaning of the polyester felt filtering sleeves with internal tensioning springs is carried out with a timed automatic counter air wash system through the opening and closing of pneumatically operated valves, thanks to the use of a compressor on the machine.
This kind of vacuum units may be certified according to ATEX Z22 norms


Electrical Engine kW – Hp                            45 – 60                              55 – 75

Dimension mm                                  6400xH2900x2200              6400xH2900x2200

Weight Kg                                                   5700                                    6100

Max. Depression                                mm/H2O 7000                        mm/H2O 7000

Max Air Flow                                      m³/h 2050                             m³/h 2500

Primary Filter                                     m² 25                                    m² 25

Safety Filter                                       m² 20                                    m² 20

Cooling Pump Filter                             m² 2                                      m² 2

Container capacity                              m³ 4-6-9                                 m³ 4-6-9


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