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B2B eCommerce: Success Stories To Inspire You

Apr 22, 2021 Makayin General

B2B eCommerce: Success Stories To Inspire You

Running a business can sometimes be a challenge especially if you’re new to using an industrial online store to sell your products online worldwide.
From processing complex orders, engaging with clients, and closing deals, a lot goes into a B2B eCommerce platform.
There’s no doubt that your business will benefit from having a greater presence online. So it’s time to write your B2B eCommerce success story with Makayin.

Be inspired by these brands' success stories that have used eCommerce to grow their businesses.

When business Moved Online, So THEY Did

KSB is a German multinational engaged in the manufacturing & sale of centrifugal pumps, high-pressure multistage pumps, submersible & monobloc pumps, Industrial GGC valves for Energy, Oil, Industry, Water, Waste Water, and Construction segments. KSB Pumps realized that it is easy to get set up and manage sales on B2B online marketplace and increase revenue for its brand they are looking to grow sales without a lot more work.
Volvo Construction Equipment online sales and rentals of their entire range of products from Articulated Trucks to Waste Handlers. Using an online Build & Price application, an instant price for their MT2000 milling equipment costs $726,075 along with financing and leasing options and a monthly payment calculator.
Manncorp Sells state-of-the-art machines that cover the entire surface mount production process, from prototyping to mid-volume assembly. The company’s products range from $50,000 to $200,000 and are all sold online.

The benefits of eCommerce

A B2B eCommerce platform is a solution that enables B2B companies like manufacturers and wholesale distributors to manage their product catalog online and enable their customers to self-serve. can solve complex B2B challenges like customer-specific pricing, multiple personas, approval workflows, and more. B2B eCommerce platforms are built differently than common B2C platforms.
Manufacturers and distributors like becker, EROGLU IND, FSN, Power system chose MAKAYIN.COM as their eCommerce platform because it is built to handle the complexities of B2B.
In B2B, eCommerce is far more than a transaction or a website. THOSE PLATFORMS are strategic channels that enable you to drive efficiency, increase revenue and build brand engagement.

The Future of Industrial eCommerce

Despite the massive growth in industrial e-commerce, Internet Retailer estimates that there is still a $1 trillion B2B e-commerce market that remains untapped. That means that there is a staggering level of opportunity in this field, even with giants like Amazon Supply, Fastenal, and Grainger gobbling up market share.
But eCommerce businesses cannot succeed with great products alone they need to draw in customers to purchase them. That’s why great marketing will always be a quintessential part of success in eCommerce.
B2B e-commerce often means adapting, so what will the future of e-commerce marketing look like? How will brands need to adapt to ensure that they’re reaching the right buyers through the right channels?