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Air compressor oil : FSN : RotEnergy Plus - 19 L :

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High quality air compressors oil 4000 working hours.

Air Compressor oil RotEnergyPlus 46

Synthetic oil is recommended for use in air compressors. pumps, turbines, bearings

, and general plant equipment where premium performance is desired.

.RotEnergyPlus 46 is a high film strength. para-synthetic lubricant that offers renown

performance advantages .in an economical mineral / synthetic oil blend.

.RotEnergyPlus 46 rapidly separates from water. extends oil drain intervals. keeps

equipment clean. provides excellent protection against rust and corrosion.


.RotEnergyPlus 46 is of high quality. lubricant that has been formulated specifically. for use

in rotary screw compressors. RotEnergyPlus 46 assures rapid separation from water.

reduces friction and energy consumption. lengthens maintenance intervals and

guarantees. excellent lubrication of all rotating parts. The synthetic additive forms an

extremely resistant and slippery film on all of the metal surfaces. which significantly

increasing the lubrication properties. the film thickness and resistance of the oil. All of

these factors contribute to preventing metal-to-metal contact. remove water from the metal

surfaces. help to prevent rust and corrosion. and prevent oil oxidation resulting from heat.


• High film strength: RotEnergyPlus offers 700% more load-carrying capacity. compared

to other compressor oils for greater protection.

• Rapid water separation: RotEnergyPlus separates from water, which can

be drain easily from the bottom of the oil sump.

• Saves energy: RotEnergyPlus greatly reduces friction, which produces energy


• Reduces bearing vibrations: the super-strong film that Rot energy. Plus has combines

with its ability to “micro-polish” the metal bearing surfaces to help reduce vibrations and

protect bearings.

• Longer oil life: RotEnergyPlus has excellent oxidation stability that greatly extends

oil changes while keeping equipment clean.

• Excellent corrosion protection: RotEnergyPlus has a super tough film that forms an

ionic bond on metal surfaces displacing .corrosive moisture. This film protects during

operation and acts as a preservative oil during the shutdown.

• Synthetic solvency: RotEnergyPlus has natural solvency to clean up dirty equipment

and maintain them clean.

• Compatible with seals: RotEnergyPlus has excellent seal compatibility.

• Compatible with other oils: RotEnergyPlus is compatible and can be mixed with other

mineral and synthetic oils. Not compatible with silicone or glycol synthetics.

• Environmentally responsible: The components of RotEnergyPlus are TSCA. listed and

meet EPA, RCRA, and OSHA requirements. RotEnergyPlus increases the oil change

interval. eliminate premature oil changes. reduce the quantity of oil purchased, and

reduces energy consumption.

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