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Makayin VS Alibaba

Apr 20, 2021 Makayin General

Comparaison of two E-commerce Platform

The advancement in technology has seen the growth of not just one, but many sectors in the economy, such as the e-commerce markets. Consumers and producers have adapted to selling and buying products through online platforms, which is a great convenience. E-commerce is ideal for large and small companies, but. An example of such markets is AlibabaAmazon, and Makayin, just to name a few. These may have the same role, which is acting as a bridge between the producers and the consumers but is different in many ways, such as how they carry their business. 

Makayin’s Business model

Makayin is focused on one and only sector: the industry

Makayin is designed to be a meeting point between factory managers and suppliers so that they can manage, search, order, and purchase all their industrial requirements of machines, spare parts, and raw materials in an easy and simple way, as well as they can follow all the new updates on suppliers products.

And to differentiate itself from competitors, Makayin has opted for a differentiation strategy Based  essentially on 

Free registration: Registering as a Makayin member allows you to make all of Makayin’s services. You will have your own dashboard, and you can add and manage your inquiries and orders for machines and spare parts and services trucking the payment of your order delivery, receive a customized newsletter for new products and ads, a messaging system, have a dedicated Makayin agent to assist you.

Verified all buyers and suppliers: What does it mean if a Makayin seller or buyer is Verified or Unverified? If your seller or buyer is listed as “Verified” in the transaction details, it means that they’ve completed the account verification with us. Verification increases the security of your payment. It gives us additional evidence of a member’s identity and lets others know that you’ve completed this process.

Ensure An After Sales Services

Alibaba’s Business Model

China’s e-commerce market is dominated by Alibaba. Though the company operates through a unique combination of business models, Alibaba‘s core business resembles that of eBay. Alibaba acts as a middleman between buyers and sellers online and facilitates the sale of goods between the two parties through its extensive network of websites. The largest site, Taobao, operates as a fee-free marketplace where neither sellers nor buyers have assessed a fee for completing transactions. Also, Alibaba has carved out its own niche by getting its revenue from core commerce, digital media, entertainment, and funding innovation. Although they, too, are diving into the online streaming world