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A New Strategy for industrial B2B marketplace

Apr 22, 2021 General

Makayin: A New Strategy for industrial B2B marketplace

In the 2000s, the world witnessed a wave of public B2B online marketplace(s), as giants such as Amazon Business, eBay Business, and Alibaba have so far successfully applied the recipe for consumer e-commerce to the business world. As companies continue to expand the online marketplace by creating their own market, 2021 may be the trigger for this competitive field.
And every day the concept evolves from strength to strength, the size of the global online B2B market has more than doubled since 2013, and today the total merchandise volume is $ 12.2 trillion, according to the online market platform Mirakl.
By 2023, 15% of digital trade organizations will deploy volume-to-high volumes across their own markets, according to Gartner.
Here we are a makayin industrial online marketplace, we are proud to follow the same march of the giant companies because the goal is the giant of the B2B market in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.
Buyers can get products from various industrial sectors and buy them over the Internet in a smooth and guaranteed way.

Makayin New strategy

B2B online markets need to accommodate customers who expect to browse product catalogs, receive offers, purchase outside office hours and benefit from options such as same-day delivery.

Contemporary buyers in B2B also expect a comprehensive business experience and virtual markets for them as an alternative to traditional distributors or sellers.

The digital experience, the charm of site interfaces, and payment facilities stimulate innovation, which makes B2B sellers better equipped to capture hard-to-reach, low-frequency, and low-volume buyers.

Within the B2B online market strategy, manufacturers and wholesalers can offer their in-house products as well as their services. Manufacturers can also include their wholesalers by letting buyers know who the wholesaler is offering a product and so the relationship lies between buyer and manufacturer, buyer and supplier, supplier and manufacturer.

Will online markets be dominated by specialist care?

Providing a B2B experience has been one way for these professionals to expand their reach, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce waiting time for spare parts.
The organized industrial online marketplace will dominate because brands that truly care about their customers and what they want include global markets and put customer satisfaction first in their ecosystems.

Makayin Vision

When was launched, our only concern was that the customer is the distinctive driver in every purchase or sale within our ecosystem.
At a time when the rest of the B2B companies are looking to different sectors for profit only, Makayin is distinguished as it is not an ordinary industrial online market like the rest, but it will be an industrial encyclopedia that every buyer, factory, and distributor need it to achieve its first responsibility, which is the customer and to become the first station by collecting all Industrial products and services under one roof.

New experience with Makayin

when sourcing a product on our website, a buyer can request a personalized quote.

The supplier receives the request through our interface where he can chat with the buyer, share files and submit the personalized quote. The buyer can challenge the quote, and if the two parties agree, the buyer can validate it online by paying via credit card or bank transfer. The option for online payment is available also.

We are a trusted third party, so it’s a real revolution for us!

Our responsibilities include: facilitating the buyer-seller relationship, managing conversations if necessary, assessing the quality of suppliers, and thus guiding buyers to the best suppliers and manufacturers. We have also developed a multi-lingual service in Arabic and English to support buyers and suppliers in all stages of the transaction worldwide.
Our priority is to maintain a strong worldwide network of partners and distributors who guarantee a certain quality of service for the buyers. This is rare in B2B especially in our region, so we have a card to play.  We’re preparing a lot of strategies on that, so are you ready to join? choose your plan with Makayin and share success.