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How to take full advantage of e-Commerce?

Apr 20, 2021 Makayin General

By providing detailed information about your own brand, customers can easily make informed decisions when comparing brands.

How to take full advantage of e-Commerce?

Provide a customized catalog

As a producing company, you’ve got an in-depth product catalog containing a range of products to share with customers. But the costs of those products may vary per customer, market segments, or other factors. In addition, a catalog with personalized product recommendations tailored to customer needs can facilitate your increased conversions through cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.
By linking product categories to personalized accounts, B2B online stores can personalize prices and products. fighting with an outsized product catalog?

Ensure visibility of spare parts

Companies within the manufacturing industry often have an oversized number of spare parts transportation. Through the ERP integrated e-commerce platform, you’ll match these spare parts with more complex products purchased by customers. This makes cross-selling and up-selling easy and effective. Therefore, customers don’t spend any effort looking for connected parts and will improve service and efficiency.

Configure products online

This suggests your customers can customize products to their own requirements, without the assistance of your sales or support department. this protects both your customers and your company's time and energy.

Promote your private label

You’ll promote sales and achieve higher profits by highlighting private-label products in your online store as suggestions to customers or providing them as spare parts. additionally, by providing detailed information about your own brand, customers can easily make informed decisions when comparing brands. this may improve the results of cross-selling and up-selling.

Attract new customers

Search engines (such as Google or Bing) play a very important role within the way (potential) new customers find you. within the B2B buying process, almost half of customers conduct online searches to seek out information, solutions, and suppliers. Therefore, having a powerful online presence (optimized for search engines) is crucial to realize new prospects and maintain a competitive advantage.

Reduce the  Time to Market

How easy is it for manufacturers to launch industrial eCommerce? Manufacturing is extremely complex, and therefore the process of remodeling your business into an internet environment with minimal disruption looks like a challenge. Not with where a registration process can be done in few simple steps and a support team that can guide you 24/7 and you do not have to share your price information online