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Apr 5, 2021 Makayin General

Industrial e-commerce is called buying and selling that takes place through electronic means, namely: the industrial electronic store, and industrial electronic websites, through which various services and goods are purchased. The industrial E-stores have spread significantly over the past years; As a large number of customers tend to buy through it, because of the flexibility that it is characterized by, through the possibility of purchasing from anywhere in the world at any time.

Makayin is the first industrial e-store in Saudi Arabia that has made a quantum leap in this field

The importance of industrial eCommerce

Industrial e-commerce is characterized by providing many types of services, goods, and products.

The stores also compete with each other to provide the best quality at the lowest price, and the importance of industrial e-commerce, in general, is due to:

  • Providing the opportunity for the organization to create or expand their business, at a much lower cost

  • Expanding the market footprint, to address both domestic and international markets

  • Complete industrial commercial transactions with minimal time and effort, and anywhere in the world

  • Deliver products as scheduled, and avoid crowding out in factories.

  • Providing products and services at a lower price than the market.

  • The use of global industrial e-commerce sites to obtain products that are not available locally, and is one of the most important things that has increased the importance of industrial e-commerce.

  • Increase the profit percentage, by increasing sales and reducing costs resulting from renting a factory, and the resulting bills.

  • Doing business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Assisting organizations in identifying the suppliers and companies that they must deal with, as well as the type of customers that tend to obtain the products or services they provide.

  • Unlimited options and offers, the consumer can choose from.

Create an online store with Makayin

With the development of technology, the increasing importance of industrial e-commerce, and the tendency of many people to purchase through industrial e-stores, many merchants and business developers tend to create their own industrial e-store, and this requires too many steps:  

Planning: This step is one of the most important steps necessary to complete the process of industrial e-commerce, which includes: establishing the industrial website, or accessing the products that users need with the required quality, and putting a name to the industrial store.
Create a business plan: A comprehensive business plan must be developed, containing the goals and budget initially required, and expected profits from the store.
Supplier search: after raising the industrial products that customers need, work must be done to spread the store’s brand, by publishing it on search engines, and creating electronic advertising campaigns, especially on social media, to attract the largest possible number of customers.
Makayin can help you to reach your target customers and to open new markets in a much easier and faster way with much less investment.
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Makayin is a marketplace for the industrial business of new machines used machinery parts and raw materials covering the most important industrial categories also it an online platform capable of reducing search time, finding all your industrial needs from reliable suppliers, selecting the right product, and making a technical comparison and prices. besides, it is an online platform to open your free account, send quotations requests, receive quotes, send orders, follow up on your requests, shipments, and payments with email notifications of any changes to your order status.
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